Seminar for high school students in Almaty

Science&Technology in the ninth-biggest country in the world, and one of the most developed and economically advanced countries in Central Asia, Kazakhstan! From the green valleys and mountains of Tian Shan to the rolling steppes speckled with the bluest of lakes, and timeless, rustic villages fringing the countryside.

So much to be discovered, including passionate and talented students!
At the end of February S&T visited two TOP 5 schools in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS): NIS Almaty PhM and NIS Almaty ChB.
The program director Ilona Faustova presented our innovative program to the students that are not afraid of innovative approaches and inspired them to pursue a career in science. Our third-year student, who is originally from Almaty, shared her personal experience of studying in Tartu, iGEM and gave advice to future students. S&T also challenged students with the DNA puzzle game and extracted DNA together.

We had a wonderful time and hope to see these bright minds among S&T students in the future!