Short explanation about modules


Develop knowledge and skills in mathematics and in natural and exact sciences.

Narrow field

Give general knowledge in natural sciences and the related application fields.


Enable development of knowledge and skills in a field related to the curriculum or widening of the general world-view.

Genetics & Biotechnology

The aim is to provide in-depth basic knowledge of modern natural sciences based on the molecular level.

Bioengineering & Robotics

The aim is to give an overview of the significant modern technological areas of synthetic biology and robotics.

Chemistry & Material

Give general theoretical knowledge in inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry and materials science.



The international three year Bachelor’s programme in Science and Technology at the University of Tartu, Estonia has innovative content and comprises selected parts of all that is taught in the Faculty of Science and Technology. It provides a broad overview of natural and exact sciences and technologies. In the first year, the students study subjects which give good basic knowledge and prepare for work with modern technologies and materials. Later it is possible to choose a suitable field of specialisation, based on the acquired knowledge about different fields.


Board and Programme Council
Peeter Burk
Peeter Burk
Dean, Head of the faculty’s board and government
Mart Loog
Mart Loog
Professor of Molecular Systems Biology
Ilona Faustova
Ilona Faustova
Head of Programme Council, Research Fellow in Molecular Biology

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