Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I apply?
    Follow the guidelines here: http://st.ut.ee/apply-now/
  2. What if I receive my final diploma after the application deadline?Applicants who receive their secondary school certificate later than the application deadline should electronically submit their most recent grade list by the application deadline. The grade list should be supplemented by an official statement from the issuing school indicating current enrollment and expected graduation date. Admitted candidates are required to post the certified copies of their graduation documents as soon as these have been issued (no later than by the end of July).
  3. What if I receive my IELTS results after the application deadline?
    If you do not receive IELTS results by the application deadline, you will have to attach a written confirmation of the date and time of your test.
  4. Can I still apply if my overall IELTS score is 6.0 or more, but in one section I have 5.0?
    No, the minimum required score is 5.5 and no part can be below 5.5, even if overall IELTS score is higher than 6.0. Copy of the test result is accepted as it will be verified online by the university.
  5. Do I need SAT results to apply?
    SAT test is not mandatory. However, if you have SAT results you can mention them in your motivation letter and attach documents when applying, thus you will have some advantages over other applicants.
  6. When will I be notified if I’m admitted or not? Usually, students are notified at the end of May-beginning of June, on June 15 at the latest.
  7. How much is tuition fee? Do you offer scholarships? The tuition fee is 5000 euros per year, 5 best applicants will be given tuition-waiver scholarships. Altogether 35 study places are available on the programme. Applicants do not have to apply for the tuition-waiver separately, as they will be automatically considered for the competition.
  8. Do I have to pay the tuition fee all at once? Yes, tuition fees can only be paid at once, when the new semester officially begins.
  9. When do I choose a specialization?
    The advantage of our program is that students do not have to choose a specialization immediately, they have some time to think about. In the first 3 semesters (1,5 years) they obtain the basic knowledge in mathematics, natural and exact sciences, as well as practical experience in laboratories. After that, by the end of the third semester, they choose the specialization and then continue to study subjects related to their specialization.
  10. Where can I check the courses offered during the studies?
    There are 6 modules that you must complete during your studies: base, narrow, specialty, elective and optional. The list of the courses in each module as well as the number of credits per module can be found here: http://st.ut.ee/modules/
  11. What are the living costs per month? The average living costs vary from 300-500 EUR/month. Click here for more information – https://www.ut.ee/en/welcome/cost-living
  12. Do you have dormitories? Yes, there are several dormitories available for international/Estonian students. If you want to get a place you need to submit an online application till June 10. Click here to learn more https://www.ut.ee/en/welcome/housing
  13. Do you have an Erasmus exchange program? The University of Tartu offers several exchange programs, one of them is the Erasmus exchange program. More information: https://www.ut.ee/en/international/international-partners/erasmus-partners
  14. I have already obtained a bachelor’s degree/currently obtaining, am I eligible to apply to the bachelor’s program in Science&Technology?
    As long as you provide a secondary degree diploma, English proficiency certificate and motivation letter you are eligible to apply.
  15. Are there any age limitations to apply to this program? No, there are not. See the answer to question 15.