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Application deadlines
  • Jan 2: application system opens
  • April 15: application deadline
  • May 25: final admission results
  • August 31: academic year starts

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Admission to Science and Technology

General requirements

Applicants are ranked based on the following 3 indicators:

  • state exam result or final grade in Mathematics – highest result will be considered, or in case the candidate has not taken Mathematics in high school they can apply with SAT Subject test in Mathematics (Level 1 or 2) result. (Yields 40% of the final score)
  • state exam result or final grade in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics – highest result will be considered, or in case the candidate has not taken one of these subjects in high school they can apply with SAT Subject test result. (Yields 40% of the final score)
  • score of the motivation letter. (Yields 20% of the final score)

The maximum score is 100 points. The application will be considered for the admissions ranking if a score of 66 points or higher is achieved. Further information on assessing candidates’ academic performance and calculating admissions’ score.

Application process for Estonian candidates

Applicants who have completed or are about to complete their secondary school studies in Estonia should apply via the National Admission Information Systems (SAIS) – further information is available here.

Applicants with Estonian citizenship who have graduated or are about to graduate abroad as well as international applicants should submit their application using the DreamApply system as instructed below.

Application process for international candidates

Guide to applying online (step 1)

Submit the online application via the DreamApply application system. Please be sure to fill in the form correctly with all of the requested information and make sure to submit your application. You are required to upload the electronic copies of all the required documents (please see below) to your online application by April 15. Please keep in mind that the electronic copies must be made of the original educational certificates that have been stamped and signed by the issuing institution. Incomplete applications or those submitted by email will not be considered by the University.

International candidates are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of EUR 50, unless they have completed the previous study level in Estonia. An application will only be processed after the fee has been received by the University. Read more about paying the application fee.

Applicants will receive feedback, notifications and official admission offers through the DreamApply system to their email. Once applying, you should ensure that you have access to your DreamApply and email accounts. The decisions on the applications will be made based on the electronic copies that have been added to the DreamApply system by the applicants. If needed, the University has a right to request the applicant to send application documents by post immediately after providing the scanned copies.

Guide to paper submission (step 2)

All the applicants who have been admitted are required to send all the application documents by post to: Student Admissions, University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18-133, Tartu 50090, ESTONIA. Please note that the documents are expected to be mailed to the University only by those receiving the admission offer (unless instructed otherwise by the admissions staff). Please make sure the documents reach the University within 3 weeks from the announcement of the offer. For example, if the admission offer is announced on May 1, the hard copies of the application documents must be received by the University by May 21. You will be informed when the documents have arrived.

The official admission letter will be sent to the accepted students by email only after reviewing their hard copies of the application documents. Once you receive the admission letter, you may proceed further with arranging your arrival (flights, accommodation and residence permits/visas when applicable). If your application documents do not reach us in 3 weeks, the University has a right to withdraw the admission offer.Submit the online application form. We ask you to upload the electronic copies of all the required documents to your application. This makes the pre-processing of your application quicker and is especially important for candidates applying to more than one programme. You will receive an applicant code, which gives access to your account to track your application status.

Documents to be uploaded electronically and later submitted by regular post

  1. Online application;
  2. Motivation letter – the motivation letter is a part of the application form and cannot be sent separately. Guidelines and evaluation criteria for the motivation letter are also included in the online application form;
  3. Official copy of the secondary school certificate and grade list in the original language (must include description of the grading scale);
  4. Certified translations of the secondary school certificate and grade list into English;
  5. Proof of English language proficiency;
  6. Confirmation/receipt of application fee payment (if applicable);
  7. Copy of the passport page stating the applicant’s personal particulars.

NB! Applicants graduating in 2020 and having their secondary school certificate issued later than the application deadline should electronically submit their most recent grade list by the application deadline. The grade list should be supplemented by an official statement from the issuing school indicating current enrollment and expected graduation date. Admitted candidates are required to post the certified copies of their graduation documents as soon as these have been issued (no later than by the end of July).

Requirements for educational documents

All copies of educational documents (secondary school certificate and grade list/transcript) must be officially certified. Certified copies should bear an original signature and seal of the authority certifying that these are true copies of the original. The documents can be certified: 1) by an authorized official of the issuing institution; 2) by a notary; 3) with an Apostille attached. The University does not accept simple copies of already certified copies.

Some country-specific requirements also specify the way documents must be certified: important information for non-EU applicants is available here.

Announcement of admission results

The University’s Admissions Committee will announce final admission results, including information on tuition-waiver scholarships, by June 15 at the latest. Admission offers are sent through the DreamApply system. The offer may be conditional or unconditional. If the offer is conditional, we will set out the conditions in the offer you need to fulfil in order to be admitted to the programme. If you do not fulfil the conditions or inform your admissions coordinator of your decision by the stipulated deadline, we reserve the right to withdraw the conditional admission offer.

Furthermore, we may withdraw or amend any offer or revoke your matriculation as a student of the University, if we discover that your application contains fraudulent information or if you are found to have omitted key information from your application.

Please note that the University cannot grant admission deferrals to accepted candidates who wish to postpone the beginning of their studies to the next academic year.

All admitted students are required to present their original qualification certificates upon arrival (unless these were sent directly from the issuing institution).

Tuition fee and tuition-waiver scholarships

2020 Intake

The tuition fee for tuition fee paying students on this programme is 5000 euros per year. Note that tuition fees can only be paid once the new  semester officially begins.

Altogether 50 study places are available on the programme. On the basis of the admission results, tuition-waiver scholarships are available for the best applicants. Applicants do not have to apply for the tuition-waiver separately, as they will be automatically considered for the competition.

Information about the rules and conditions for tuition-waiver scholarships as well as tuition fee payments is given here.