S&T organized workshops during the Robotex 2018 competition


During the Robotex 2018 competition S&T organized a series of workshops called “Edible gel”.

All participants not only learned about the purpose and application of gel electrophoresis in the laboratory but also were able to make their own, pipette the dye into the real one and then compare the two gels and make a conclusion. And since we used inexpensive materials that can be found in a local store, this experiment can be easily repeated at home.

Also, while waiting for the gels, and later in the University of Tartu Box area, we played an interesting “DNA puzzle” game where you have to find a word using the complementary rule of the nucleotides in the DNA strand (A=T, G=C).

All in all, we had a lot of fun and hopefully inspired many kids to become one day real scientists.