Spring time outdoors

Spring is all about amazing weather and exams. And while you are diligently preparing for your finals, you should not forget to spend some time outdoors and socialize with friends.

S&T students think that a picnic is not only a perfect escape from stressful days, but also has a number of benefits for your health.
First of, the fresh air you breathe improves your blood pressure, heart rate, naturally cleanse your lungs, and strengthen your immune system.
Seeing greenery, as concluded Japanese reserachers from 2010 experiment, can plunge your anxiety levels and improve concentration.
And finally, picnincs are natural mood boosters. You can be amazed how much the lack of vitamin D in your body can affect your mood. Sunshine not only puts you in good mood, but also aids in vitamin D and calcium absorption, which helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis and rickets.

So, grab a friend and soak up all the benefits that picnics have to offer!

Here are top five places in Tartu where you can bask in nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy a great view.
1. University of Tartu Botanical Garden
2. Emajõgi river
3. Raadi Manor
4. Toomemägi Park
5. Saadjärv lake